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  1. Hi! No, the bonus points on the Yes to Cucumbers is automatically added on the receipt! b2get2500 points! whohooo!! got 20,000 points for $50 oop! got 14 facial wipes 10ct & 2 bath gel $3 on clearance (reg 9.99 ea)!
  2. thats nice!! was this a mail-out coupon?
  3. Happy Easter to you too!
  4. Happy Easter!!
  5. I know so happy that it is posted now!! will make some changes from my list as I don't see some of the items on sale lol
  6. Oops!! I ment 10,000 bp $50...typo many promos to remember!!
  7. yes lol great minds think alike I will also use the 10k when you spend $50 bp printed coupon for plus members
  8. Hi! Yes, I'm super excited for Mega bonus too!! I need about the same amount of points & doing the same as you...getting a thermometer & 20x wub $50!!
    Great minds think alike!! lol
  9. hey hun, how are you?? I'm sure you are feeling great after reading about that there will be a mage redemption lol. I am also very excited I need about 26k in more points for 2x mega redemption. on 20x day, if I use 10k bp for thermometer coupon, will I get 20x for shopping $50+ and plus 10k for thermometer. it will be over 20k in points right?
  10. Hi! I haven't seen a BP coupon for Smashbox blush but the Glow mag has BP for Smashbox primer, foundation, eyeshadow trio , exp 31oct!! there is one bp coupon 10,000 bp but you have to spend $250 no way!! lol
    I'm waiting for the new Holiday Eve Palette & Holiday lip gloss set!!
  11. me again lol.
    I want to get a blush, not sure what brand to get-could be any like Dior, smashbox, etc. do you know if any of them bp??
  12. Hi! Yes, its b3 Axe get 3000bp!! Ashleyrobertson also posted the trial sizes are 2.29 each so i may do those, lol This is driving me bonkers!! trying to plan it all out, lol
  13. hey hun! I have a question about bp points lol
    for axe- is the bp when you buy 3?? I am planning to get Axe full size shampoo for dh, he was begging for one for months lol
  14. Oh sorry your kiddies are getting sick!! I guess there is always something we need at SDM, lol Hmmm the nailpolish is a great deal...might have to add to my collection, haha
    Enjoy your day!! Cold & rainy here!! yuk!!
  15. I know not much in the flyer. I was going to pass this one but noticed that my kids needs tylenol, they are both getting sick. I will also pick up some Revlon nail polish as I've never seen them this cheap they are only $2.99 each oh and some palmolive dish soap using $1 coupons from mail-out. nothing in the food section as the prices are high
  16. Good Morning!!
    Hope I can find $50 (-coupons) for 20x day!! haha Not much in the flyer this week!
  17. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  18. Oh Dear! If you can't find the Glow mag BP coupons I have extra from my SIL! LMK if you want them!
  19. LOL...I couldn't sleep last night wondering what the flyer would have for us this weekend, lol I love bonus redemption days,
  20. BTW...Happy Birthday!!!
  21. Hello!! Yes, I`ve used a few BP coupons at SDM & never had any trouble!! Good luck!!
  22. hey hun!!
    I have a question for you about sdm bonus points.
    I am planning to do 20x tomorrow and want to use couple of bp coupons. first of all are we allowed to use more then 1 bp point?? I have 8k from the b-day email, I want to use 2k for the pampers, 500 for life, 2k for shick, etc.
  23. Thanks for the Birthday wishes!! I posted a brag this morning with more details, lol

    Enjoy your day!!
  24. Happy belated Birthday hun
    thank you for the tip about sdm bd bonus points I might use it next weekend or this week and combine it with the $10 timmies gc
  25. Hi! I used my Birthday BP from SDM on Sat, June 04 & redeemed $90 so I didn't have to pay $50 oop!! lol My B-day was yesterday June 09!!
    Happy Birthday to ya!!

  26. Nice that you have the willpower to save your points!! LOL I will try later in the summer/fall to hold onto them, haha
    Lots of good deals with coupons in this weekends SDM flyer!! Now to find room, lol
    Have a great day!!
  27. I didn't redeem this weekend. I'm saving my points for a big redemption hopefully I think I will pass the 20x points but you never know once you find yourself in sdm lol its hard for us t resist these bonus points hehe )
  28. Hi! Yes, I got your 2nd envie on April 07 & did the trade rating!! Thanks again!!
    LOL, what could I possibly need at SDM this weekend, lol After doing 2x $200 redemptions!! yikes!! Just saw the flyer so will see
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