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  1. Hi Hun, I am doing good and you?
  2. hey hun!! long time no talk.. how are you doing??
  3. hey hun!! we have another meeting on wednesday june 6 @ 7pm. here is the thread. I hope you can come!!
  4. I went there today and they had resolve green bottles regular price-$2.99. I bought 2 and used $2 coupons. I think the one on sale is the red bottles. oh well maybe next time the coupon doesn't expire until june
  5. Hi Girl,

    I have not had a chance to go to NF yet, going to go maybe on the weekend and see.I got some free reslove at walmart last weekend. If I go to NF earlier I will let you know.
  6. hey hun! how are you? did you get any resolve from nf at rutherford and weston? I want to go there today but if you have been there recently and didn't see any in stock I won't bother to go too. lmk thanks
  7. Hi Girl!

    I got your message and i can not make it to the meeting on May 2 I have some plans I have made already for that day. But the next meeting I will see if I can come. Hope you all have fun!
  8. hey hun!! how are you doing? we are planning our next meeting on wednesday may02, 7:00pm Walmart - HWY 7 & Centre. I hope to see you there and would love to hear more about your blog too!!
  9. Happy Easter
  10. Thanks Ceren! I will go for sure and check it out! Thanks!!!!
  11. I just read your comment on a thread. Freshco alsa have many 50% on herbal essences, axe, etc on major mac and weston location
  12. Hey girl! Thanks I will be there. No worries my DH will be dropping me off. (He needs the car has to do some things) then will come and get me later. But thanks for the offer. See you on March 22!
  13. hey!! ohh I'm so happy to hear that you're coming too!! yes the meeting is in tim hortons at vaughan mills location at 7:30pm on march 22nd, thursday. lmk if you need a ride.
  14. Hey Girl! I got some great news! I can make it to the meeting on march 22! Before i couldn't go because i had some family things I had to do but they got cancelled and rescheduled! so I will be there for sure! It is at 7:30pm at the tim hortons were vaughan mills is still right? let me know!
  15. Hey Girl! got your message and I can not make it to the meeting. I saw the posts but I have to do some family stuff on that day and can not make it. But for sure tell me when the next meeting is and I will see if i can make it.
  16. cool thanks for the websits i will take a look into them
  17. they are both websites to earn points. and you can redeem for gcs. for example most people are members to these websites and they earn free gcs and redeem them for you can buy so much stuff from amazon. I've ordered vacuum, grill, and other stuff for free. its very easy to earn points. I can teach you in details. if you are interested you can sign up using my referral link and I'll be happy to help you out
    JOIN SuperPoints using my referral link and start earning!!
  18. No i am not a member of either of those I have seen people talk about them, but unsure really what it is?
  19. are you a member of swagbucks or superpoints??
  20. I didn't see the bread coupons there...maybe they were there and I just didn'tsee them? I know some of the coupons go really fast! I usually go up and down each aile and see if i find any that are interesting. I get my DH to do it to LOL. He likes finding the tear pads. I will keep my eyes open. I should be going there on saturday or sunday.
  21. I'm good too thank you I'm really looking for new tearpac .75c d'italiano bread coupon and was hoping that metro would have them but even if they have them those coupons disappear very fast lol
  22. Hey Girl!
    I am good and you? I was at metro this weekend and didn't see any? But I did go to No Frills as well and I saw they had a tear pad for Astro yograt in the dairy secetion (saw it quickly). That was the only thing I saw. If I see anything else I will let you know.
  23. hey hun! how are you?? have you been to metro recently?? I wonder if they have new coupons out. haven't been there in a while. thanks
  24. thanks hun I will check for those too
  25. Hey If you go to no frills they have on sale the Nurti Grain Bars for 1.99, (starting tomorrow) If you have the 1.00 of coupon for them from websaver you can get them for 0.99. I don't know if you like them or your DH Likes them but still a good deal. My DH likes them so I will for sure be picking up some when the sale starts
  26. Ya it is a great deal! I hope you find them today!
  27. I went to the one on rutherford and dufferin too and nothing went to walmart on highway 7, the shelf was clear and then went to the other walmart on majormac mac and dufferin, they have the bigger boxes only. went to freshco they have the bigger boxes. I did alot of traveling lol. they are on sale for $3 and plus fpc coupon on the boxes I don't want to miss this great deal but only if I can find one will go to no frills again today after dh comes home from work
  28. I always go to that No Frills location and they never have some of the products I need to use my coupons! If I see any of those boxes anywhere else nere by I will let you know.
  29. thanks hun! yes I usually go there too, went there twice and nothing I can't find any of the cereal with the new coupons on them
  30. Hey Girl!

    Haven't had a chance to go to No Frills this week, but when I stop there I will check and see if they have the Vector Cereal. I go to the one on Weston Road and Ruthford did you go there?
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