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  1. Have a great day! Enjoy the snow... while it lasts!
  2. Aww that's really nice of you!! Here is the refferal:
    Its a website that gives you points wheny ou either fill in surveys, watch videos and click on the super lucky button!! They also send you points by e-mail.
    Please feel free to join or not, don't feel obligated!! You get points faster on Points and Prizes.sheknows, but the prizes are not really great...! Superpoints gets you Amazon or PayPal giftcards or Apple items.

    How was your day? I with I could be in that place in your avatar picture, I need a vacay!
  3. If you need some help with getting more points, feel free to send me a referral link. And I bet the contest wins will start rolling in for you any day now!

    I've won some advance screening tickets to movies and DVDs from my local papers since this year began ~ it's always fun to receive a surprise, no matter how big or small. Wonder if any SCers won from the Shopper's contest?!

    Anywhos, hope you have a wonderful evening yourself! And don't forget to send me that referral!!!
  4. I won one contest so far, Neet products and have registered for super points... not getting much from them yet because I have not refered many people and points and prizes I have 53000 points and registered 1 month ago, its great! All because of Sc people

    Have a great evening!!
  5. I love it! What a fantastic site! Can't wait to get back into the swing of things and I'm really looking forward to hunting down contests and sharing them with everyone
  6. How do you like Sc so far?
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