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  1. Thinking about you and all you have had to go through with you mom
  2. Thanks for sharing the trailer pics. I think your mom would be so proud of how you guys are lovingly celebrating her home one last time-that is awesome!
  3. Congrats on the new trailer-she is lovely and I am sure you will have tons of fun!

  4. Merry Christmas
  5. Thanks for the Christmas rep! Hope you Christmas is awesome too...
  6. thanks for the rep-hope your friday is awesome!
  7. CHERS! thanks for the rep-hope all is well with you, have a great week
  8. thanks, and belated happy moms day to you too!
  9. thank you so much on behalf of my mom.. and fyi.. she doesn't even have to colour her hair.. none of us do.. believe it or not..its the red in us..
  10. Holy Crap Cheryl-your mom looks awesome for 73!!!! Hope I look that good at that age
  11. Thank you for the kind rep.. Its always a tough go to begin with.. but you have to be
    reminds me of a joke,
    a woman comes out of the grocery store after buying her weeks worth of groceries and a few "extras"
    A homeless man asked if she had any spare change for food, he explains he hasn't eatin in 2 days..
    her response... "Damn, I wish I had your will power"
  12. Thanks for the help - my friend was overhaulin' her garden yesterday and called me up saying she had seperated some Black Eyed Susans, some Primrose and some Phlox and did I want them? So I traded her some saplings for all these perennials! the only problem is there are no proper beds to put theminto so I spent this morning digging up a space-my arms are aching but it will be worth it-thanks again...
  13. Hi Alohamom.. thank you for can move things as soon as the frost leaves the ground. Depending on how long they have been in the ground.. problem. Its best in the early spring as you can take advantage of the free water that falls from the sky. I just planted three jap maples and one cedric of atlantica last year, but decided the dogs need the extra room in the back yard, so I took them all out and moved them to the front yard...that was about a month ago before the buds were swelling.. they are doing FANTASTIC!! Of course if there is no rain for a few days in a row, I give them a good drink..hope this helps(and the lilac does have a mighty fine fragrance)
  14. Chers-you seem to know alot about gardening-the house we bought has a section with tons of lilac trees, I mean there are saplings every where, any size you name it. Is it too early to move some of them? I would like to put some by the front porch so when they eventually bloom I will be able to smell them from there-do I need to wait a bit or can I do it now cause they are a spring bloomer? Dont worry about it if you dont know, just thought I'd ask ya!
  15. The "cherubs" are too cute! They have such pure joy in their faces at that age-but then again they look like a happy bunch in your recent photos too! The puppies are great as well, looks like you are surrounded by love and lots of energy, good for you!
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