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  1. oooh, is the robson one the one on granville? or is that a different one?

    i usually go to kingways (metrotown), especially if i have stuff to PM, otherwise I like going to broadway & cambie, but i go to the cashiers (there are at least 5 of them that know about coupon stacking w/o giving you any hassle). i also used to go to the one in lougheed mall, and i went to the one on no 3 rd in richmond once.
  2. Here are my fave locations: Robson, Kingsway (near Metrotown), 6th St in New Westminster, the one in Guildford mall, and now the one on Byrne & Marine (I was harassed a few times by one CS manager, but she hasn't been there in a while and I got a free Swiffer Sweeper Vac just on Sunday!!). Which ones do you frequent?
  3. i see you live in vancouver as well. which LD's do you usually go to?
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