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  1. Hope you have a very Happy Mother's day.
  2. Thank you very much for the Valentines day wishes!!
  3. Hope you both have a Happy Valentine's Day.
  4. Your'e welcome for the tip. You will need to get your trade list up so all us SC'ers can start checking it out and helping you save even more money(and us of course too).
  5. Ah ha! Thanks for the tips Yeah I've been browsing... it's pretty crazy! I've been hunting everyday the past couple weeks and my stash is slowly getting built up
  6. Hi again. If you click on my name then you can post on my vistor's page. If you think I have lots of coupons you should tour around at some other people's trade list...makes mine look small. Soon you will have just as many as your eyes are always on the lookout. Hope you have a great weekend.
  7. Welcome to Smart Canucks.
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