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  1. @Ciel...Dear @Ciel...I just hope you will reconnect one more last time to see all the posts who proove you are loved and appreciated in here since many years my dear friend!!!! I am a member in this site since at least 10 years and you are always there to encourage us,give us advices,listening and start the montly thread. You are such a good positive vibe person ,you never talked so much about your cancer and I was not aware it was so severe.I am just hoping you will have decent funeral and be loved by yours familly and friends like we love you on here..God bless yours journeys and you soul.Take care and we will remember you,you made a difference on smart canucks life community.
  2. HI Ciel!!! Thank you so much for the letter and coupons!!!! I truly appreciate it!!!! Have an awesome friday and week end!!!! Wishing you better days with your health ahead of you!!!! Sincerely Cath007 -Catherine-
  3. Hi Ciel!!! Thank you so much for the coupons,yours kind words and the Christmas Card( my first one too)!!! I am sick today and you made my day special!!!! So I wish you too in advance a very happy Christmas time and a beautiful Happy New Year with all the things you asked for and you deserve especially your heath!!!! Cath007
  4. Thank you cath007 for your comments! You can touch hearts here on the forum and I know you love to see mail!
  5. Hi Ciel!!! I was not too much online last and this beginning of the year(dealing with depression ) but I want to thank you for the Bottom of my heart for the beautiful Christmas card you sended to me in december(yeah i know I am late) and to not forget me.It made my Christmas magic!!! .Have a beautiful day and Week !!! Take care and sorry about your cancer and dad passing,my deepest late sympathies.
  6. My pleasure, cath007! Thought of you very much this year and wanted to make mail day special for you. Merry Christmas to you as well!
  7. Thank you very much for the great and beautiful Christmas Card my friend!!!! Wishing you too an Happy Christmas in advance !!! Xox
  8. Oh, cath007, I'm sad to read of Grandmother's decline. Given her age, that fall and move into the nursing home must have been hard on her
    spirits. This is a difficult time for you to lose another relative. See what time you can spend with her-maybe she will share some wish or ask for certain things to be included in her funeral plans. You can remind her of how much you value her in life and the many things she has shown/taught you. <<Hugs>>
  9. Grand mother is on her last steps to die she is not in a great shape physically and emotionnaly,i am sad for her
  10. Good question, cath007! I made a gratitude list last night to try to appreciate some things. Good friends were on that list as were things I can get at the library (very important!).
  11. Happy ThanksGiving!!!!!
  12. Have a great monday rep's!!!
  13. Bonne dimanche, cath007! Juste pour aujourd'hui, je suis au college pour l'internet!
  14. Have a great sunday too my friend !!!
  15. Thank you for the nice rep comment .
  16. Bonjour, mon amie! Ou etes-vous?
  17. The outdoor discotheque sounds like fun! Dancing will keep people warm
  18. Yes.For the 200 eme birthday year of our city we have a lots of free activities planned including the 31 december an outdoor ''discotheque.. with a famous group of singer,urban ''glissades'' and a lots of free surprises.That should be fun!!!
  19. Agree on the half-off price deals for candies! Might not be big selection-run to Shoppers.
  20. Thank you for replying to my Halloween picture!!! Unfortunnatly Halloween is not anymore like it was when I was Young.I live in a unit appt building,no decorations and no décorations on the street too.But little kids at the day care near my buiding arrived costumed and saw my little cousin fb costume picture so cute.Looking forward to the 50% clearance deal tomorrow morning,this is the fun when we are older!!! But I have so many good memories of Halloween when I was Young,I hope you too
  21. Bonne fete, cath007! Hope you see some really fun costumes in your community tomorrow!
  22. Bonne fete, cath007! Il pleut dehors mais le temps est mieux de hier!
  23. It's lovely seeing you posting again on SmartCanucks, Cath007!
  24. Mon amie, you are like James Bond-you know lots of good things! That fan in the computer can be fixed (with new part if you know if you just have to replace one part instead of whole thing-shop around). Give it some thought and you can figure it out (disconnect the battery before you start repair). Taking things apart is fun; reassembly requires more effort.
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