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  1. May you have a fabulous Friday! Love reading posts from you @cyn88canada! No, you are not a bot!
  2. LOL -- I wouldn't have the patience to wait for the dancing coffee...I need it NOW. Have a great weekend!
    (Oh, gosh...I didn't realize I've said virtually the same thing to you in all my visitor must think I'm a 'bot...eeek)
  3. I like to add something zippy-after all those photos you upload, you deserve some laughs and good times. Random find about the dancing coffee-what a performance for one mug of fancy coffee. Now you want a glass but I don't know who serves coffee that way.
  4. I absolutely love your video clips! I have NO idea how you find them, but they always give me a smile. Thanks for the many, many times you've written +ve words in my flyer sneak peak threads. Cheers!
  5. I absolutely LOVE the videos you post in the flyer sneak peaks -- you just provided me with a huge laugh. Thank-you!
  6. What I'll do to give you a laugh without coffee!
  7. Thank-you for the great video links...rofl!!! They give me a good laugh. Cheers!
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