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  1. Last year, the rules changed that you had to have earned 300 stars in a membership year to get the birthday free food or drink on your registered gift card. I've had about 4 birthday freebies on my registered card as the person who gave me the first gift card made a point to tell me why registering was worthwhile. So I have enjoyed my fave bevvie (chai latte) and a few food items (almond croissant, wrap, and some other baked goodie). I make a point once or twice per year to pay full retail for a seasonal yummy and a beverage when the shop near the library is not busy. Wooden tables and chairs are so comfortable for feeling relaxed!
  2. Thanks for the rep! I didn't know there were changes to the Starbucks bday program. I only use and load my card once or twice a year.
  3. Thanks for the rep! The bbq mitt is a "happy" colour
  4. Thanks for the rep and the flower tip!
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