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  1. Oh, I did try them already! LOL I really like how they look & the texture is very nice...creamier then the kohl pencils...& the smudge sponge thing helps to blend it so the line doesn`t look too harsh...The price was abit more but I think they will last alot longer...Lots of great colours too, I want them all LOL
    Hopefully they go on sale soon...
  2. Those are really nice!! I think im going to buy a very drastic colour when the smudge liner goes on sale.

    Hope they work well love to hear what you think once you try them
  3. Awwwww! Thats not good! Hope they take back the eyeliner! See my comment on your thread...
    The smudgeliner has a little sponge on the other end to blend the is a pic in the link... No, it wasn`t on sale at 9.49 but used the 2cpn!
  4. Heyyy go check out my unrant

    It got two. anyway long story lOLL.

    whats a smudge liner? Was it on sale??
    NOOOO havent found the MIR PF yet quite sadd!! Hopefully my SDM get them soon. Did see bamboo one but it seems useless tooo me. LOL
  5. Hi! I saw your post about the Annabelle eyeliners! I got 3 of them with the smudge thingies on Saturday...oh I love them...the best eyeliners I`ve ever tried! $9.49-2cpn but well worth it!
    Got the Purple Storm, Cyber Jungle (olive green), & Wired (brown)...they are so nice!

    BTW, did you find the PF MIR products...
  6. Happy New Year!
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