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  1. thank you so much for sending me a Christmas card and coupons as a raok! Happy Christmas to you and to your family! Take care
  2. I got a whole whack of them! lol Thanks!
  3. I found some today lmk if you need any lol
  4. oh thats great! superstore is not very close to me so don't want to waste a trip and end up not finding any coupons I know its short expiry, but at least they are not store coupon, its manufactorer so we can use them anywhere. its so hard to find swiffer coupons so I want to stock up on these
  5. will do! Just called hubby at work - he thinks I am crazy. lol. But he will stop by there after work at 3pm! Told him where the 2 pads where and if they both still had tons (and where manufacturer) to get like 10-15 off each! (Short expiry they will just end up in the garbage anyways!)
  6. Softlips - let me know if my directions work....
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