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  1. You are sweet.....
    I was very young at the time.... took a sailing lesson only to find out it was a drug deal that went down and I was left alone in the boat in the middle of the ocean.....I was in shock. I was so innocent then.... Have a wonderful time...

  2. thanks for the rep! sorry I can't return it.. i'm still in jail. and yes, I'll be avoiding the rum.... I'm a vodka girl anyway.... rum's too sweet, and I'm sweet enough
  3. Welcome back! How was your trip?
    I was sick the last few weeks and haven't been around much. I bet you had an amazing time.... away.... Thank you as well for the rep!
  4. Glad to hear you and H-Team are lapping up the rays in Mexico!
    As for us we're flying to Rome on June 17th then going on a 7 day cruise on the 19th for a week. We'll be hitting - SICILY (MESSINA), ITALY; ATHENS (PIRAEUS), GREECE; EPHESUS (KUSADASI), TURKEY ; CHANIA (SOUDA),CRETE, GREECE and back to ROME (CIVITAVECCHIA), ITALY. After the cruise we're going to Basel, Switzerland where we will be staying with a friend. Then off to Cannes, France for the weekend and then heading over to London, England on July 4th where we'll be staying with a friend with a flat overlooking the Thames in Chelsea Court. Back home on the 9th of July. It will be a on the go-go vacation (except for the cruise) and should be fun. My Aunt just informed me this morning that she got a hold of another friend in Italy we can stay with so I'm thinking after Basel Switzerland we may swing back to Italy and then hit Cannes before going to London...
  5. Thank you very much for writing and caring.... We were so very close and we understodd each other too.. Time will help, but for now I am very sad.
  6. Sorry about Sammie. I would be beside myself in your shoes. Better days ahead I'm sure!
  7. Thank you my friend! I really hope that you or one of our Q'Bee friends win!
  8. Good Luck to you too! Fingers Crossed!!!!!
  9. Thank you so very much cocoburp.
    I appreciate your kindness and words and I know you are in the middle of prepping your appartment for a future tenant! I wish you success!
  10. Sorry for your loss
  11. Thanks for the rep..... and we didn't win today.... I did get through 3 times whoch is the most for me ever.... I will keep my hopes up....! Good luck for the next one!
  12. Have a fabulous time at the hard rock tomorrow... I hope you win large!
    Oh yes.. thanks for the reps today!
  13. Thank you so very much for your thoughts about my daughter.... Theu cam out of no I am expecting it to leave the same way...!
  14. I hope you enjoyed the weekend! They seem to fly by...... Thank you for the reps!
    I appreciate them!
  15. Happy Halloween! Hope you had fun!
  16. How have you been? Thank you very much for reppig me.... and I am sorry it has taken me a while to thank you! Work is busy busy busy
  17. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving with all the trimmings...
  18. Your wish came true.... in the 2 reps you gave me.... The Leafs won.....
    I will not say anything to ruin your enjoyment! Happy Thanksgiving and I am coming by for some pie!!!
  19. Thanks for the rep Tuesday... Work is making an honest woman out of me... and today it was delightful. My interactions with my prospects were excellent!
    Enjoy your hump day, and make sure you laugh out loud!
  20. Thanks for the rep.... and it is good to see you around. I haven't any idea where you work, but your team or the sales guys seem to go places and then you to have it easy for a bit! Good for you!
  21. I hope you had an incredible time at the concert... It wasn't in the cards for me this time around....
    I appreciate the lunch rep you gave me on Thursday! Hope you are enjoying the weekend!
  22. Yes and scary as they are apparently true!
  23. thanks for the rep! glad you're enjoying your vacay! thnx for sharing your travels, I've never been and looking forward to going someday...meanwhile i can live vicariously through you!
  24. I hope you had a good lunch! Thank you for repping me... I am suddenly in rep jail... It has been a while since the last visit...
  25. I have no doubt you will be successful with your plan. You must stick to your guns....
    I know it isn't easy...yet this is for your well being and survival...
  26. You're welcome! Things are status quo on the homefront. I hope to have the 'exit plan' in place this week.
  27. Thank you for the rep my friend! I hope things are moving along the way you want them to at home!
  28. Wow 2 from you! Thank you so very much! How are things on the home front? Quiet?
    Anything special on the agenda this weekend?
  29. Yes we do need them! I love them! I wish my vacation was now... only it will begin in 2 weeks from tomorrow! Am so looking so it!
  30. Thnx! I figure we all could use a little cute in our day Hope life is treating you well! Aren't you on vacation?
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