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  1. cool we went to ocho rios jamaica. I loved it there but its not for everyone. We had no issues where some have so lets hope you have a great time and if they ask if you want some smoke just say no and walk away and they usually do
  2. Hiya! I'm off to Breezes Negril. Like you, running out of countries to explore! This will be my first trip to Jamaica, and looking forward to it!
  3. ya it is jonesy another person on here after hearing me on the radio for the cash grab asked if I'd been to lovesick lake and I said yes we boat there all the time and stay at the burleigh locks and have friends at the trailer park there. Turns out he is the neighbour of my friend and remembered me and the father in law when we stoped over there for some beers. Very small world.
  4. I know what ya mean! She's short, blonde, in her fifties and walks all the neighbourhood dogs...really nice lady, you'd likely know her her to see her. She always goes to that neighbour BBQ/Funfair thingie they do in the summer. I know all you Island folks are tight, and as I said the house looked similar to the ones on her street that's the only reason I's a small world after all LOL!
  5. thats one over from me shes pretty close to me but not sure if I know her or not. Like I said I'm terrible with names but good with faces lol
  6. hey Runt, she lives at 72 Davidge Drive.
  7. no name doesnt sound familiar but I am terrible with names as it is. Do you know where on the islnad she lives as it is actually pretty big.
  8. The house looked the style of those on the island, that's why I asked. I have a friend who lives there, Linda Brown doubt if you know her but worth a shot....
  9. ya we are on the island near the island marina in fact which is past the casino on the east side of the island.
  10. nice boat runt! do you live on the "island" by any chance? just wonderin'....
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