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  1. Thanks!! It was a nice, relaxing day... kinda!
  2. usually don't log Hope you had a good mother's day too
  3. Happy Mama's Day, coupongrammy.... You're up kinda late,. eh?!? Hope you had a great day!
  4. had a good chuckle,figured you of all peeps would have known about that
  5. sorry girl,not me !
  6. Were you a 'coupon angel' yesterday??? I was checking out the Pantene at Superstore (to use up my March 31 exp.) and there were Pantene coupons sitting on top of the shampoo!!! I had a good chuckle....
  7. Thanks for the rep, Grammy!
  8. I used to have that trouble, too. It **used** to work for me Just post the big pix! ...and brag to your heart's content!!
  9. no.. can't get to upload
  10. Welcome to Smart Canucks, Grammy!!! Did you ever get that pix posted? I wanna see your brags.
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