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  1. Miss YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for your message Sorry I have not been on alot. Just going through life. I really miss you too I'll be on from time to time so I'll check in

  3. Thanks so much for the message Hope you have a good day Kim
  4. REALLY? LOL it was a HAPPY NEW YEARS PIC. Nothing naughty I promise lol. I guess the link is wonky haha. OK hope this one works

  5. what did you post on my wall? It said it was forbidden!
  6. OH AWESOME!! Phew I'm just so glad that this envie arrived lol. I was about to kick some CP butt if they lost another envie lol. Hope you can use some of the coupons Have a great weekend!

  7. Thanks for the nice Christmas card and AWESOME coupons means alot
  8. THANKS KIM!!! HAHA I still haven't had my coffee, can you tell? I would have been scratching my head going.."I wonder why no one is PMing me for trades sniff sniff" lol Again, what would I do without you Kim I tried to give you a rep but it said I need to go spread some love around first lol Ok off to spread some love "pew pew"


  9. Aww thank you I love Christmas cards, can't wait Hope you have a great day!
  10. LMAO your crazzy I don't care it dosn't bither me my FPC/HV ON train is missing also : ( lol I sent you a Christmas Card yesterday if you don't get it let me know lol
  11. Hey KIm Ok I"m sending out a replacement envie whether you like it or not LOL This is my pouty puppy face directed at Canada post lol I really hope CP doesn't slow down for CHRISTMAS Oy they are really losing their cool lol.

    Hope you have a great day Kim MIss ya!
  12. Thanks KIm You always know when I need a friend and I needed that today
  13. Oh darn it! CP is really getting to me too lol. Ok keep me posted, if it doesn't arrive in a couple of weeks I'll send a replacement! Things could be better but I'm staying positive Hope you have a great night Kim
  14. Nothing yet I am officially hating cp lol Things ok really bus.. How are things over there?
  15. Hiya Kim How ya been Miss ya lots lol Hey just wondering if CP delivered my envie to ya? If not I gotta go kick some CP butt lol =

  16. Hello Kim Happy Halloween
  17. Hey KIm Thanks so much for the love!! I totally just noticed, I didn't get a chance to visit the trade thread much these days. I'm overwhelmed by the No Frills sale this week and the Shoppers 20x event lol. Love ya too

  18. you always make me laugh lol. Did you fiind some yummy candy? I had to work till 10:30 last night that left this old lady pretty grumpy!
  19. Just dropping in to say hello! Hope you are good. Hehe Your page reminds me of Halloween candy Remember those toffee ones with the Orange and Yellow wrapper Ohhh and also candy corn? .....hmm off to find some candy. Talk to you later Kim
  20. It's true You always have the best trains Have a great day!

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