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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MCMINSEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a great birthday!!! Thanks for all you do!!!

  3. I hope your Hallowe'en was frightful and delightful!

  4. Boo!!!
  5. Hello mcminsen Oh my! Your pickle avatar sure gave me a fright lol I was used to the smiley face one Just dropping in to say hello, have a wonderful Monday.

  6. Thanks mcminsen Have a wonderful day!
  7. Meow meow meow hehe that made me giggle I do talk to my cat...but I assure you I am not the crazy cat lady...yet Thanks for the smile
  8. meow... meowmeowmeow... meow.

    ^^^that's "hello" in catonese.
  9. Hello

    Just dropping in to say hi How are ya? Hope you are having a great weekend mcminsen.
  10. Hi Mcminsen

    Yes it expolded There were coupons everywhere lol. Thanks again so much for the wonderful envie Hope the weather in Vancouver is lovely!
  11. Thanks for the rating! Really? The envie was exploding? lol
  12. Wowzers!! Mcminsen. Just dropping in again because I just received your envelope this evening and boy was it like Christmas!!! Just wanted to say thank you so much for all the lovely coupons and extras!! That was truly kind of you. It was also soooo nicely wrapped! I do origami so I like that kinda stuff, I know I"m weirdThank you for making me smile

  13. Hey mcminsen Thanks for the rating. Glad the envie got there safetly! I was worried about the B1G1 getting there on time but glad it got there. There are some cool movies out right now so hopefully you get a chance to catch one before summers over Hope you have a great day
  14. Thanks for the friend request!
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