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  1. Hey, whatcha been up to lately? Score any big deals this weekend? Did some huge hauls myself with my nivea and tons of little coupons too. Spent six hours Saturday and six Sunday couponing. I can't even sleep at night when I know there's a deal to be had. Wow what a rush eh? We should get together sometime this week if you're free. Ttyl and nite nite.
  2. Way too long no talk eh? I haven't gone couponing since the beginning of september...can you believe it? I have sooo many that I ordered the Etsy coupon bag on September 14 and still haven't got it yet and it said 3 to 5 business days!! AARRGGHH Yes, send me your cell number and we'll talk k?
  3. hey, long time not talk...I was wondering how you were making out I'll message you with my cell number and we can hit the stores!! Take Care
  4. Hey, how are you guys doing? Need to go out couponing...haven't done much myself cause I am too exhausted from working these new hours. Have to be in bed by 930. lol let me know if you want to go this weekend k?
  5. sorry, I forgot that coupon website you were telling me about today, forumsswap?, help..thanks
  6. Hey, let me know when you want to go couponing again, or late night in-store special seem to have a better eye for it!! ttyl
  7. Hey, glad to hear you got out last night. I called you but Todd said you had gone out. ttyl
  8. Hey, went out last night lots of great in store deals...I love coupons!!, did you find any deals lately?
  9. Hey you...thought I just say hi and see what you're up to...need to go couponing soon!
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