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  1. Sweet of you! Been trying to stay off the computer - been a little burnt out! PLUS it MAY be SPRING!!!! got to get my garden going!
  2. Thank you for the rep and thoughts
  3. lol bet you are all monkey'd out! One xmas just after I got sick and we were horribly broke I made all our xmas presents for dh's family who all insisted on exchanging presents despite the fact no one could afford it. I made letter boxes and decorated the small straw hats until I absolutely didn't care if I ever made anything again

  5. ok well that explains why I couldn't find them since I still can't see it. Evidently Nortons blocks it I'll see if I can find where I can change some settings. Thanks
  6. hey! - The ads are at the top of all the pages - under the gray line... there's a light grey bar - Ads by Google then some red links... Don't know how many i have to click to make a difference, but many hands make light work right?
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