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  1. Received your mail today and was pleasantly surprised with the extra`s. Thank you so much for the great trade. I hope to do it again soon.
  2. Thanks! I know what you mean about the mail I have trades within my own city that take over a week. I have some take more than two weeks it is all luck.
  3. Thanks for the rep! Hope you get the envelope I sent to you soon!
  4. I am so glad you got my mail already...that was pretty quick compared to last time I traded with someone in Ontario. It took over a week last time to get to her.You are very welcome for the extra coupon. I would have sent a few more extra but I couldnt find anything else that I had that was on your wish list. Thank you for leaving me a good rating and the nice comment. I will be sure to do the same as soon as I receive your mail. I hope you have a wonderful day and hope we can trade again sometime soon.
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