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  1. Happy Birthday!
  2. Yes they do, with my store, I took a copy of the policy with me, then had them call Head Office from the store - not only did the store take my coupons with an apology, SDM gave me 5k points for the hassle

    Its actually a good policy, doesn't allow for overages but says they have to take a coupon over the value and mark it down to shelf price (I dont mind not getting overages but my head explodes when they wont take it because its a penny more)

    Its available on letterhead on their website too:
  3. Well that is really strange because I have talked to a few SDM managers in the last 2 days now that refuse to take any online printed coupons and they told me that they got an email from head office stating not to accept any online printed coupons. Every single store has a separate coupon policy they said. It seems they all need to get their together
  4. No, SDM recently came out with a corporate policy all franchises have to follow, it is posted on the SDM facebook group. It clearly states:
    A: Yes. Coupons printed from the internet or from email are accepted at all of our locations, provided they meet industry standards and are valid. Our stores retain the right to refuse any coupon that does not meet legal standards or appears to have been tampered with.
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