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  1. Thanks for the note. Fortunately we are ok, but the car was a right off... sigh. Sure you can pick the formula up from the bottle depot! In fact I think I have a cheque from them too that you can have! How do those cheques work though I wonder? Is it like a coupon, and you give it to the store as part of the payment? Anyway its yours if you like! Address of bottle depot is
    Clareview Bottle Depot (big yellow building)
    12807 53 Street
    Please let me know if you want me to send it there, and I will do so, and then I will instruct the manager (if my husband is not there) to give it to you.

    Hope your husband is feeling better. Yes indeed, accidents are rough. Physio tomorrow..... graaag - hate going!
  2. Hi..I hope you are doing well..I just read about your accident and know how much it can have and effect on the family, even if there are no serious injuries. My fiance was not ready to go back to work, especially in the weird weather we have been having. He is even contemplating a new job, but has been a truckdriver since he was 16, almost 17 years. anyways, I hope all is well..
    oh and where is the bottle depot you work at..maybe I can pick up the formula there? we have a bunch of bottles we want to take back in the next month, before we move.
  3. Happy thanksgiving to you too..hope yours was filled with family and great food!!
  4. Happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. now we are not going to the zoo until September. My fiance is so busy at work, which is good, lol. I just wish Summer and Winter were the slow times. Sigh
  6. Hello! Did you go to the Zoo yet? Want anything from the Entertainment book? Thanks for the coupons.
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