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  1. I would really appreciate your coupons I just love starbuck and I so hard to get coupons for this. I m sorry I didnt get back to you before you left. I hope you have a good xmas. I m sending you my address.

    Sue Dionne
    24 larchwood circle
    Welland, Ontraio
    L3C 6R8
  2. I have 7X$2Off Starbucks, good for the 226g bags. I am not really looking for anything so I will just send them to you. If you want them, please give your address ASAP, I am leaving town this Thursday so I hope to be able to sendthem before then. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to send them until after Xmas.
  3. I was wondering if you still have your starbuck coupons. if so i would like to trade.

    please let me know
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