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  1. I think I will be back. If not I will make the next one, I hope. It was so cold we had 13 year old grand kids with us. We oppted no fire on the tues and played monoply inside instead. Hope you have been well.
  2. Hi Darlene............Is it cold enough for you at the campsite? This is unreal. Will you be around for a swap anytime in the next few weeks as Kerri is trying to set something up. Let us know. Hope all is well sweetie

  3. Hey, I have been on holidays. Back now. I am pretty flexable.

  4. Hi Darlene.....Was wondering if you want to get together on either Tues or Thurs. Mar 26, 28, or Tues or Thurs Apr. 2, 4. I am going to email Kerri to see if she is interested in a date. Delina is thinkin you must have a million coupons to get rid of hahahahaha!!! Let me know sweetie. I was trying to send you a regular email but I don't have your addy. Mine is Thought if you, Kerri, sis and me could agree on a date then I would post for a swap TTYL
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