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  1. We had zero problem giving them away, the hardest issue was seeing them leave. After the first two were adopted, we decided to pull the ad for a while to recoup from all the tears. When we moved a few months later, we were able to find good homes for the remaining kitties. SPCA offers a great price for shots and getting fixed. Sassy and Maxie (7 year old dog) are best friends and as soon we walk through the door they are racing to greet us.
    Enjoy spoiling your kitties and good luck with Roll Up The Rim this year.
  2. Did you find homes for all those kitties?

    I actually have 3 cats. Fozzie will be 13 this summer. The 2 black ones are strays I took in. Cocoa is short haired and will be 10 this May. Jules is long haired and chubby. I have no idea how old he is as I have never asked the vet for an approximate age. They are all males and have been neutered as I want to be a responsible pet owner.

    On my avatar, it looks like Cocoa on the left, Fozzie in the middle and Taz is on the end who has gone to kitty heaven.
  3. Thank you for the comment. I’ve had Sassy since she born in 2014. Her mother broke through the screen in the summer and by late October, 7 kittens arrived. The females had long hair like the father, the males had short hair like their mother. Sassy is a well deserved spoiled princess.

    I tried clicking on your avatar to see your two kitties, how old are they?
  4. Like your black kitty, I have two black kitties.
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