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  1. Share? You mean the ribs? I looked for you @ Ribfest, but you were a no show.
    Your loss.
  2. Not to worry. I didn't take it personally.
  3. Thx 4 the 3 reps.
  4. Thank you.
    I hope so too, but no excuse. I was just having a down day. Being sick just drains all the 'get up and go' out of me.
  5. sorry about that rep; got side tracked. I hope you have a great day.
  6. No joke i really feel bad for you, life sure does suck some times and you find a new beau sometime really soon!
  7. I don't care, I hate winter, I hate being so sick, and I hate being alone.
    What have you got to complain about.
  8. I know.
  9. Thank you.
  10. ​Thanks for the reps. Enjoy the rest of your day.
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