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  1. May I ask a favour?
  2. how are you?
  3. not too bad

    just did an intense workout

    did you see the short stories i posted in the tea room?
  4. hi :D:D
    how are you?
  5. howdy
  6. how are you doing?
  7. what do you think i should title my poems?
  8. Oh that's not good, hopefully things get better it sounds like a really draining situation to all involved Sending my love your way <3
  9. not so good. ive seen just how hard the situation with my grandmother is hitting my sister and she is really down
  10. sure you can, how is your day going?
  11. may i show you one last poem?
  12. you sure can
  13. can i show you another poem i am thinking of submitting to a magazine?
  14. yep I did it's good I like it =D
    I hope she gets better fast, it's so stressful for families to have to deal with that and especially for your grandmother I'll continue to send you my luck
  15. just worried about my grandmother

    have you seen my new poem?
  16. I'm ok, a little sick how are you?
  17. how are you doing?
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