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  1. Sorry I am late with my Happy Thanksgiving Hope you had a great week end luv Cass
  2. I went to Montreal for my uncle and aunt 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday night. Visited with my family Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Traffic is usually so bad on Monday of a long weekend, we decided to head back Sunday evening. Left my brother's house around 4:30pm, and had dinner on the 401.
  3. Hi Cassie, thanks for the friends request. I'm glad someone remembers me on the site I know I haven't posted much, but work and the nice weather is keeping me away from the computer. BTW, tks for all the trivia answer every day. Do you ever sleep???
  4. What are you talking about? The pictures' size were just fine. And they are cool. I think all you needed to do was put them one on top of the other by hitting the enter key in between...
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