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  1. happy easter

  2. happy christmas!
    hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
  3. have a safe drive!
    lucky you! montreal is a great city!

    i'm looking forward to the great weather and having family over on psunday.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. We're heading to Montreal, to spend it with my family. Weather is going to be absolutely beautiful, hope you enjoy it!
  5. Nope, not home yet. Just finished lunch in Paris. I'm heading back this Saturday. In the meantime, I will keep trying to catch as many overnight cash track as I can.
  6. great! can't wait to see more pics from your trip!
  7. Yes, we had Tursday afternoon, Friday until 4:00pm, and all of Saturday. Went mostly shopping, tried several restaurants, and spent some time in the French Quarter on Bourbon Street. I have more pictures to post from the concert, but have hardly been home this week. I'll get to it tonight and this weekend.
  8. welcome back!
    great pics with 'the boys'
    did you have any time to explore new orleans?
  9. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Couldn't have asked for nicer weather!
  10. a lot of radio stns have threads here for contests!
    too bad you're not the winning charmane! that was quite the jackpot!

    anyways, poke around here. look into the games room and arcade. have fun!
  11. Hey! Just discovered the AM680 thread, and saw you on there. And no, my real name is not Charmane I had 1,390 entries or so, still couldn't win.
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