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  1. yes, i've met him. he's a very nice boy. he even took me, his mother & my rodent out for dinner, so everyone could meet when he first started dating my rodent.
  2. i know what you mean. such a cute "kitty" till he grows up or mama gets you.
  3. Thanks for noticing the avatar. You're the only one who commented. He is absolutely adorable. I so felt like running over and giving him a hug. Of course, that would have been the last thing I ever did in my life
  4. thanx. so glad you were able to score some cash. enjoy your trip in march.
  5. that is too funny. i've always loved rush. could never figure out why they were considered a "guys" band. making great music has nothing to do with looks. if you're brother's going, have a great time.
  6. I phoned my brother, and he said the same thing: "She's not a big fan, I'll go instead". His wife says I waste my time entering those contests. Ha! Teaches her a lesson...
  7. you're welcome. if the other half doesn't want to go, i can. LOL.
    have a great time, it's only a couple weeks away.
  8. thanx, i appreciate it.
  9. Ouch! Sorry about you sister-in-law. My thoughts are with you and your brother's family.
  10. thanx. the trip is for may 15-22, about 2 months away. i can hardly wait.
  11. cool, can't wait to see them.
  12. I got some kitty pics and some Chicago pics at work with me. Will try to post later this week.
  13. thanx for the rep. how kitty doing? getting bigger i gather. have a good one.
  14. thanx for the rep. will definitely stay dry inside. you have yourself a great weekend.
  15. thanx so much for the rep. have yourself a great hump day.
  16. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Couldn't have asked for nicer weather!
  17. thanx for the birthday repz. pretty kitty.
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