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  1. Happy Valentine's to you too!!!
  2. Thanks!! hope you had a great Halloween also!
  3. Thanks! I did the Parkinsons superwalk yesterday and while challenging it was very nice to do! I can't do near as much as I used to but I hope I will get to that point again where I am stronger and can do the longer walk! Well ttyl and hope your weekend went great!
  4. Hope that the back pain eases now that you can rest a bit. Give Dr. Felix a pat for me today and ask him to give you some extra special care.

    The photo you posted of yourself is great!! Your hair has such a beautiful natural wave to it!!
  5. I suppose I am. My back is really hurting right now because of being out this morning though. I had this horrible spasm in my neck last night and it led to a huge headache and I almost didn't think I would be able to go this morning but over night I had tylenol when I woke up and it helped.
  6. Love what you said about your sandwich!! You are right - it makes it all the more enjoyable!

    Glad that you were able to get out a bit today! Are you feeling a bit better?
  7. thanks! I went in to town this morning and that was nice. Now I need to go lay down I think. I had a really good sandwich for lunch though! It had ham, lettuce, cheese and pickles! funny thought I just had-everything on my sandwich was bought on sale for a really good deal. lol is there any other way to have a great sandwich? lol
  8. Thinking of you...

  9. Thankyou so much!! I really needed that!
  10. Happy Easter Bookmom!!!
  11. A Friday smile for you...

  12. Hope you have a great Easter weekend!!
  13. Thanks for the rep!!!
  14. thanks Bookmom! hope you are having a great day!
  15. Good morning, dealsniffer!!
  16. Happy St.Patricks Day!!!
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