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  1. Miss u!
  2. hi Sally! I miss chatting with you! sorry I haven't been on here much. This week has been interesting. I hope your week went well. ttyl
  3. I missssssed u lady!
  4. hey Sally-I can do portraits of people. I don't feel as good at drawing people but apparently I can.
  5. Thanks Deals! Congratulations on your win! Well deserved!
  6. hmm so oldie award? that sounds odd but you are the best! You are so funny and alot of fun! Glad you won!!!
  7. WOW LOOOVEE YOUR PROFILE!!! vajazzled it huh? lol sorry I can't stop on that! lol especially since we watched a ghost whisperer tonight. lol well it is a card exchange and it is in the SC gifts section if you want to check it out. I organized the Valentine's one and had a blast! well ttyl
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