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  1. You are very nice Deb and I do wish you both great happiness together! I am happy you enjoy my posts an my banter. Sometimes there are several at one time, and I wonder what they did before they had me to tease Not going anywhere. have been in this house 4 years and finally it is getting painted room by room. The house was new and it has been a challenge to select paint colours that match and you will not get bored with. I have paint swatches throughout my house from colour testing. If it was nice weather, 1/2 the deck needs to be sanded before restaining. Do enjoy yourselves! I am sure I will see you around here!
  2. Hi Mmmme,
    Your welcome, I enjoy your posts! You can banter with the best of em! I haven't been on in a month cause I got married and went on our honeymoon for 2 weeks. I will be joining you though in the daily work grind of being too busy due to covering holidays but can't complain really, others do it for me! We were going to work in the yard but the weather doesn't look like that's going to happen so I think I'm going to get at washing the windows! I lead an exciting life lol!
    Are you off for the weekend? Doing anything fun?
  3. Thank you very much for the rep! How are you doing? Haven't seen you around much at all! I have been swamped at work this week and will be until mid July. Any plans for the weekend?
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