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  1. Hi that is exactly why i started another facebook for contests, cause i thought my friends are going to think i am nuts and it was filling up with all sorts of stuff. i still have the odd one on my regualar facebook, but i it would be cause i started something and have to wait till it is finished rather than switching or it will look like i entered twice with different e mail, and you can get disqualified for doing that in some cases.. as you probably know.. k thanks i will add you on my facebook, i will get to it, just working on some contests that i have to answer dumb questions for.. then you will see all the ones i do on FB and then you can do them too,
  2. Hi Demitra, i registered and voted for your recipe, a few ideas, have you posted them on the contestgirl site, plus on your facebook etc.. it might be easier for me to add you with yours as the way i have it set up , no one can find me.. and i have to request the add, just the way i have it set up.. thanks.. and yes you can borrow contests, ask for votes, maybe if it was something we both entered, then you could just ask your friends, but other wise, i don't care.. i started my second FB just for contests as my normal family friends, one was so cluttered with facebook contests as there is so many of them out there right now.. thanks.. just voted.. so will vote again tomorrow and it is bookmarked in my browsers.
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