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  1. No worries I know what MR's are like . I'm glad you got it in time !!!!
  2. Hi Harbie!
    Sorry for writing only today, but the Redemption weekend has been very busy
    I have received your RAOK on Friday, just in time before the Mega Red! Thank you SO SO SO MUCH! I'm very very grateful for that!
    Merry Christmas!
  3. I'll cross my fingers too
  4. Hi Harbie! Nothing there yet... But maybe tomorrow? I hope so! (crossing fingers!) :D
  5. Did you get it yet? I sent another envie to an SCer a day or two after I sent ours and they got theirs. I hope it makes it in time
  6. Thank you so much Harbie! I will peel my eyes out for the postman )
  7. Update: just mailed the envie
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