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  1. Happy Thanksgiving my long lost friend! Hope things are going well for you!
  2. Yes sir.. only the women's curling team blew it!

    Thank you for the rep!
  3. thank you for the weekend rep driver.... I love your smile.... it made me forget my tears...
  4. Thank you very much driver_91. That is so nice. So many people out there, do not even recognize the word... let alone know how to use it.
  5. Always got a smile for you, Mmmme!
  6. Thank you for still reppin.... and still smiling!
  7. Thank you Driver. Nice of you to comment!
    Hope your evening was restful!
  8. Love the profile picture!!
  9. Thank you Driver 91. Every time I visit you I break into a smile because of your smile!
    Have a good night!
  10. Thank you for the hearts! I'm glad you weren't MIA for too long!
    Enjoy your family day tomorrow. I hope it is a relaxing one for you!
  11. Thank you Driver 91.
    I realized too that I have some of the pics saved as jpegs, and some as gifs, jpegs do not animate. I do have the eyes that are showing with my posts, saved as a gif and jpeg. I decied to go with the jpeg... for now. lol
    Hope you had a great day!
  12. Hi Mmmme, been M.I.A. again for a while so just got these last two pm's. So In answer...
    I knew you knew it. lol About the avatar I'm not sure, I have noticed that in some cases when you capture them they are saved as, in my case, a firefox artifact, and therefore won't work properly in some instances. At work I'm on I.E. and gifs don't always work on that either. Helpful info? I doubt it. But that's about the extent of my computer expertise.
  13. Happy long romantic weekend and thank you for the rep!
  14. lol I know it, I was teasing...
    I wanted to ask you, I had added an animated avatar and it didn't animate once posted.
    How is it that yours is animated?
  15. The long one is when you're not enjoyin' it. lol
  16. Thanks for the rep.... and what is a long day of 24 hrs compared to a short day of 24hrs?
  17. Crunchie? One of my favorite chocolate

    Thanks for the rep!
  18. I am like my dad. He always had beautiful new cars.

    I know many people like you and I think it is great!
  19. I've never owned a new car in my life. Don't think I'd want to. At least until I can afford the Lamborghini. LOL
  20. Thank you for the rep driver...

    My first car was a brand new 1982 camero with a small 305 V8-
    I loved it!
  21. Have you the Secret?
    What you focus on is what you will receive. Focus on what you want- not on what you do not want. ;-0
  22. Luck o' the Irish, they say. I get all the bad! lol.
  23. Is today any luckier?
  24. Thank you Driver! and as you saw your explaination was most helpful and I used it today!
    Have a great week ahead!
  25. You're welcome. Glad I could help. I've still not figured out a lot of this stuff yet, but the important stuff for now.
  26. Thank you very much Driver. Some one had tried to explain, however the instructions seemed unclear. Yours were brief and direct..
    Thank you so very much!

  27. Hi Mmmme... Have you figured out the reps thing yet? On a posting, at the bottom right hand corner there are two or three icons, the one that looks like a cloud (kinda) is the reputation icon click on it and a pop up asks for approval. You can also add a little blurb. Then click "add to Rep..." After that it becomes one more source of frustration as it refuses and locks U out and various other monkey business.
    BTW Welcome to the forum.
  28. Thanks for the rep!
    How do I give some one a rep?
  29. Welcome driver. I am only here a day or so longer than you.
    Have fun!

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