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  1. hey I tried to go back in my posts in find the thread for the url for you, but it looks like it may have been deleted. And I did a search on the internet but Im not having any luck there either. If I do come across it I will be sure to let you know. But as of right now I cant find it. sorry.
  2. Hi jessep13, I'm glad I finally found you! Don't be alarmed I only am requesting a url. I am interested in setting up an appointment with the Indian psychic (I think I recall it's Indian) post that was on SC a while back. I have tried to locate it and can't. I remember thanks to your Avatar that you had a telephone appointment with them and unfortunately your experience was not favourable. Despite that I would still like to try it out would you happen to have the url or point me in the right direction to the post. I hope the next psychic experience you try out with whomever that may be works out more in your favour.

    Thanks for your help!
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