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  1. it's ok... was very quiet last night... kept the book for you and live clean as well
  2. I'm sorry I didn't make it last night! I have been keeping my pampers codes for you, so I have a few to give you!
  3. OK u r in luck ( have the booklet for you ) just grabbed my coupon stash
  4. Oh hunny, I remeber... no inspriation... honestly!!! just glad to get some one else's "secrets" lol like I said I don't stockpile... and I only buy what I need/use I am glad you made it out! sorry it broke off like that.. I honestly feel horrible! it never usually does that and that was not right!! anytime you want to come out pls do! and the baby...aww way to cute!! so I never did get to ask you... how are you doing with baby supply situation? lol I am a SDM addict.. (not that would show! lol) and honestly I only buy when the diapers are on sale... and of course I use coupons to help out!! I get the boxes for round 17. ish... plus the points so help!!
  5. Hey Sherri! Lovely to meet you, I was the one without my baby last night (wearing black) lol. But so glad I finally got to meet you. You and Brooke are a inspiration. Hope to see you again soon.
  6. Hey it was nice to meet you and the baby is too cute!!! sorry it normally does not split up like that... I am sorry, normally it just turns into a big yack fest
  7. well if You can we are going to get together this Monday again... you are more than welcome to join
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