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  1. yes thank you... hows you?
  2. You doing ok? Haven't heard from you in a while
  3. We missed you tonight, Millie! Passed along your coupons
  4. I'll be there at 7:30. Do you want me to just drop by and pick them up before I go? It would save you a trip if you're not going out. Would love to see you either way! Let me know if there's something you're in search of, maybe I have something! If you'd rather not come out, or have me stop by then I can just send you an envelope.
  5. let me know what time you will be at Timmies and I'll try to drop them down... no guarantees though..
  6. I can't make it tonight.. I need seating that has a give to it.. if the seating doesnt give, my back does..
  7. Also, what's on your wishlist? Would love to give you something in return
  8. Sure, are you going tonight or staying home? I know you were concerned about going too frequently because it's hard for you to sit.
  9. Yvw I got a bunch of smelly coupons today from the company for febreeze they re good for the US or Canada.. If you want to send me a SASE I'll send them out to you
  10. Thanks for the coupons, Millie. Got them today!
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