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  1. lol - I couldn't sleep last night last time I looked @ the clock, it was 5:20 a.m. - dozed off & didn't wake up till 9:40. Had an 11:00 Dr.'s apt, so was running quite late. Never been a morning person anyway.

    Hope ur having a great evening.
  2. g.m. don't have tickets to the beach party; so very much doubt it when last year; I hope u have fun
  3. hi elmo; going in 4 cataract surgery in the morning; won't be on the computer 4 awhile; hope u have a great week
  4. thanks, u 2
  5. thank you so much; u 2
  6. thx hon, u too; Sat looks great !!
  7. thank you; wasn't around much today & won't be tomorrow either, so have a great day
  8. thanks 4 the reps; she asked me, but I was suppose to be dog sitting, so couldn't go. Got a call this morning that I wasn't needed, but she'd already given them away. Oh well, maybe next time. Hope u had a great night. Mine was busy, as r the next few days.
  9. thank you; have a great day !! hope u have a great time Friday night
  10. thank you; enjoy the sun while it lasts
  11. absolutely !! thank you; hope ur having a great w/end
  12. That's too funny !! Hey, it's an excuse to have a few too many - as if we need one. lol
  13. no problem; no I'm not going; if ur ever going to be in the area, let me know & we can get together for a coffee @ Tim's or u can come here; have a great day !!
  14. ABSOLUTELY !!!! You have a good w/end too - the weather looks like it's going to co-operate !!!!
  15. thx - u 2
  16. love to, but can't - son's b/day get together, but thanks
  17. Come to Foot in Cold Water and we'll help you forget!
    Enjoy your evening!
  18. thx 4 the rep; wonder if I'm out of jail yet ?
  19. thanks 4 the rep; hope u had a great day - enjoy ur eve
  20. I'll be walking da boyz, Chevy and Mayhem down to the Grand! Perfect day for it!
  21. that's quite a ways away from me here in Whitby, but don't have to go too far to get away from the city lights; should be beautiful, but going to go for a walk by the lake soon 2 enjoy the sunshine. have a great day
  22. I will !! Taking the car down to the bluffs, putting the top down, (drive a convertible) seats back, heater & blankets on & just watching it. A few pictures thrown in as well.
  23. Thanks dear! Enjoy the full moon tonight!
  24. no problem what so ever !! I just thought I was out to lunch on this one. Thanks for clearing it up & don't worry. enjoy this beautiful sunny day
  25. I'm so sorry dear! I thought I was talking to Chers1 who works in St. Catharines! Must be the dead brain cells from Paddy's Day! I hope you'll find it in your heart to forgive me! Enjoy your weekend!!!!! Take care!
  26. no, sorry; I don't understand why u would think I would know anyone in St. Kitts ?? Never been there, nor has anyone I know (@ least that I know of) Is there a connection I'm not putting together ?
  27. Just wondering if you know Lynn McDowell, she's my caretaker friend in St. Kitts! Enjoy your evening!
  28. you too; thanks for the friend request - my pleasure; as long as the sun's shining & spring's coming, I'm just great.
  29. Enjoy your weekend!
  30. thx hon; hope it was a good one
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