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  1. Happy Holidays Elmo!
  2. Oh, I see now why you are doing taxes so often, 4 years late!!! but I do understand, I hate doing them! The last two years I've been about 4 months late just from procrastination, I didn't owe anything and they didn't owe me anything but I still got worried. What kind of penalty would they give you if you were later than this Friday?
  3. Hello my dear!
    I've been tardy and haven't filed my taxes in quite awhile. Even though they are going to end up owing me, they've made a demand for me to file, so if I don't file my last four years by Friday, I will have to pay a penalty, even though they owe me! Oh well, I should have kept up to date!
    Take care my dear!
  4. Wishing you the best of the holiday season Elmo!
  5. Hi Ecat! I don't have a sauna at my place yet, next project when my cousin comes back up from Delaware in the spring. It was a work weekend for the camp, shutting everything down for the winter, so we stoke up the camp's big one for everyone. Wood burning and seats 10 comfortably. Take care for now!
  6. Happy Birthday Elmo!!! Sincerely hope you enjoyed your day today!!!! Sorry I was a bit early but I guess I was just anxious to wish you a good one!!! TakeCare!
  7. Hello my dear! My office is less than 5km from the market! Send me your email and I'll give you my cell number! Listening to Jason on Q right now, going to be a GRAND show tomorrow, are you going? If so, see you there!
  8. Hi Evelyn!
    Thank-you again for your concern, I hate to say this, but my parents passing was easier than Chevy's!
    Mayhem was originally my youngest daughter Penny's dog and Chevy was Michelle's, my oldest and mother of my grandson.
    Penny went to University in Edmonton and couldn't take a dog and Michelle moved to Mississippi with Andy, her husband to be, for his schooling. Chevy doesn't travel well, so he stayed home with me and Mayhem went with Michelle. Michelle and Andy then moved to Kelowna for Andy's doctorate in Biology and now they moved down the road from me while Andy does his post-doctorate at Guelph, so it was so nice having the boyz together again!
    Mayhem usually has a sleep-over when Stacie, my middle daughter's daughter spends the night with me Wednesdays.
    So that's the story of da boyz!
    Take care for now,
  9. Mayhem looks pretty ready to play!! Who's doggy is he? Nice one!

    What happened with Chevy if you don't mind me asking???
  10. Thanks for your condolences!

    He's off somewhere chasing rabbits!

    Take care!
  11. I'm soooo sorry about Chevy Elmo. I didn't hear what happened to him, but I am sorry, it really is heartbreaking......take care
  12. Thanks on the congrats! See you Friday!

    Life is GRAND!!!!!
  13. Congrats on your nice Blue one!
  14. nice pic of your little princess, she is cute!!! Take Care!!!
  15. Thanks for the friendship request elmo! I gladly accept and was going to send you a request as well! Yes, I'm sure we will meet up at the FICW show soon! Talk to you later!
  16. So close yet so far! Hopefully finally meet you at FICW!
  17. Wow, Seat J1 I was in the same row only more central, seat 56! Great show eh? Looked for you but didn't know what you looked like, so couldn't find you!!! Have a good weekend!
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