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  1. happy easter!

  2. happy christmas!
    hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
  3. have a great trip, elmo!
  4. I'll figure out how to get that picture posted when I return!
    Take care HG!
  5. thanks, elmo
    i'll look into this
  6. 1-866-841-6001

    Sleep well!
  7. Hey HG! My provider is Xplornet, I'll send you more info tonight and they also give you a $25.00 credit for referrals! Hope you have a GRAND day!
  8. what a small world!
  9. That's where it is! About 1.5 km from Blondie's lunch. We used to stop there for ice cream before my parents dropped me off at the camp!
  10. i'm not sure where that is.... the lookout is just south of inverhaugh (?sp) on katherine street ? nice spot but i missed the peak of the fall colours.
  11. You were actually taking a picture of the entrance to the camp from the lookout! We're on 8th Line W., which is about 2 km west of the lookout and then another 2 km. north across the Grand! Take care my dear!
  12. Drug charge in Canada from 30+ years ago. Not worth the hassle to get a pardon. I would have to get one from the States as well as I was refused at the border. Every other country in the world welcomes me with open arms, so why go to the States?
    Take care my dear!
  13. Thank-you for the friend request! I hope that I live up to your expectations! Kidding!!!!!
    Enjoy your first full day of spring!
    Take care my dear!
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