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  1. heh there grand pal - you are missed - how are things with you?
  2. TY for your messages...sorry to be missing another gathering of the Qminds...hopefully next time..yes a few more sleeps and we head to Massif for 5 days then St.Anne for 5 days interspersed with delicious french cuisine and the fine Quebec culture- you are so right - life is grand
  3. wishing you a GRAND evening my friend
  4. thank you for being there
    smile Monday is almost over which brings us closer to Thursday which is a day for snow!!!!!
  5. Thank you fr your welcome home message.
    Where does your cousin live? Yes for sure you should plan a trip there

    How's everything with you? Did the celevration go well?
  6. Welcome home! Glad you enjoyed the Rock! Been meaning to go for quite awhile now, I've got a cousin that lives there!
    Take care for now!
  7. Wishing you a wonderful rest of the summer....all the best
  8. love to water ski too...sounds like a plan
  9. Thank you so much for your lovely rep. I hope you have a grand day.
  10. thank you for the rep..I am in reppin jail so thought I would send you a message
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