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  1. Great to hear from you, glad you are still Grand!
    Hope you can make out out to one of the Q events soon, now THAT would be GRAND!
    Cheers buddy
  2. Hey bud! How are you? Hope everything is good! Everything here is GRAND! Take care bud!

  3. Best wishes for you and yours, Have a Grand Christmas!
  4. All the best my friend!
  5. Hey Craig! PM me your last name as well and I'll put you on the guest list. When you get to the gate, tell them you are here for Michelle and Andy's "Receptiversary"! See you tomorrow!
  6. Hey bud! The "RAGE" as their calling it starts Friday if you want to come up early! Doesn't matter what time you show up! Let me know!
  7. Here are the directions, there will be a few of us there before the show

    See you tonight!
  8. Hey bud! I'll try and make it early into town. Let me know where The Keg is that you're going to. If not, see you at the Sound Academy!
  9. Thanks but going to the Doc Tomorrow night.
    I know where Frans is, but would much rather party at the Keg.
    Keep me posted, I will head into the city from work
    So I have to eat dinner somewhere!
    Cheers, looking forward to meeting up!
    It will be GRAND!
  10. Don't know if the people that are coming with me can get away soon enough for dinner, I would love to! I found a nice place called Fran's when I went to 1964, right across the street from the Sony Centre and the parking is just $3.00 after 6:00. I'll keep in touch! Got the BLACK message for the wife! I still might have a ticket to AC/DC tomorrow night if you're interested!
  11. No worries bud! Enjoy your day!
  12. sorry buddy, got it wrong, GRAND is much better.
    Only excuse i was rushing to get it out there!
    Grand River Valley is Beauty! U of W grad, so I follow!
    roamed your neck of the woods for 5 of the best years of my life!
  13. My pleasure bud! It was great last time! Should be rooms available! PARTY!!!!!
  14. Thanks for the Hotel offer, I may just take you up on it, I will let you know, Thanks!
  15. Sleuth worked again today! Enjoy your evening!
  16. It worked again today! FACTOTUM! Enjoy your evening!
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