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  1. it was good, except for the superstore flyer that i didnt know where the date was lol .. but i went to safeway and then the Chunky tomato Sweet Onion was on CLEARANCE for 0.99 cents so i used all my $1 off coupons on them =]
  2. hey how was ur stacking?
  3. london drugs accept safeway?
  4. awww i missed ur msg.i m planning to pm safeways dove deal.
  5. im actually planning to go now, if youre gonna be there that would be so awesome.. im just not sure about the DOVE pm from walmart.. have u done it? i dont know if theyll accept it
  6. dont be scared if anytime u need support i can go with you
  7. im scared! =( but ill try
  8. straight go to the customer service.king george location is really great.gooooo you can do it
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