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  1. Jetman - thanking you for the rep and the cool jet pic.
  2. Wish You and your family a "Happy Thanksgiving Long Weekend" Take good care.

  3. Had a great weekend. I went to the ROM with my wife to see the exhibit there with the Terracotta Warrior soldiers. Being an avid Antiques Roadshow freak, I've really begun to appreciate the stuff they have at the ROM and the value $$$$$. I would've loved to own anything in there.
  4. They are all stored because my stereo is packed away. Haven't played them in over 20 years. They're safe and sound, though. I have a few hundred LP's and even more 45's. I also have a reduced Beatles collection. I have about 30 Stones LP's, all of Neil Young's up to Live Rust and all of Jeff Beck's original LP's. A wide range of LP's 60's to 80's with many UK, Jap, German, Dutch and French pressings. The 45's are mainly R & B with some 60's and 70's rock classics like "Eighteen" by ALice Cooper on Plum Records. How about you??
  5. Happy Long weekend!
    Thank you for the rep.
    What is your favourite Vinyl's, that you have?
    What are your favourite shows or movies from the 60's, 70's or 80's?

    Have a super long and safe weekend.
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