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  1. Thanks for the rep !!
  2. Good weekend ahead !!!
  3. Thanks for the rep ! New Paul McCartney memorabilia today !!
  4. That must have been fun.....
    I lived at home when I went to university... No comment.....
    Am not sure how far away you live from York...My daughter still has a couple of years before we decide. hope you are enjoying the long weekend!
  5. Thanks. I'm back from moving my son into residence at York University.
  6. Gotta love the Floyd !!
  7. New York City is open 24 hours a day !!! Seven days a week ... Be careful but have a great time.
  8. You are doing fine.... you can also add place your attachments in the post where you want. Once you have them uploaded, at the bottom of the list it says insert all?
    You can insert them all like that or just one at a time.. You will see it is easy! Let me know if you have questions
  9. Thanks for the rep !!! Well, after a year, I'm getting used to posting. I'm a slow learner.
  10. Thanks for the rep...
    I hope your son gets you your sports car.... or you can ado what I did and buy one for yourself!
  11. Thank you very much! Are yoy enjoying yourself in this group? They are a great bunch of people!
  12. like the artwork, very realistic.
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