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  1. that's cute! did you post that in the rump shakers thread? you should u know!
  2. just take care of yourself. we'll hold down the fort in the meantime.

  3. You're so kind to me. I miss posting too. HOpe all is well tho, I be back online more soon.
  4. and i hope your feeling better. miss your posts!
  5. ARGH, IT'S ACTING UP AGAIN!!! i can't post a pic...

    i won't be around much tonight, son is testing for bluebelt!!!

  6. your welcome, but that dog is it even a dog...
  7. she looks so beautiful in bling. Finally the picture loaded for me. lol Thanks for that hun.
  8. only thing that doesn't bling, is her thong

  9. awww thanks.
  10. matches the decor..
  11. Please dont go! I am trying to start a hunger strike to keep you from going, but that popcorn eating cat is not helping my cause to much. I dont want you to go, ppl just need to grow up. You are a BIG PART of SC. You make me and many others laugh daily. Please dont leave due to actions of a select few. Its not worth it, there is so many of us here still who love you dearly and truely enjoy your presence here. Please Please reconsider.
  12. Yup i cant get enough of them hehe
  13. tootsie rolls? OMG, now that is something you shoulda told ppl!
  14. (Me) Stands up and says: Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am Closet emo, exhibitionist, Laughter junkie, and addicted to Tootsie rolls.
  15. closet emo, and an unconfirmed exhibitionist? what other secrets you been hiding?
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