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  1. Thanks for the rep!! I'm trying to be patient for the new SDM flyer!! haha I skipped last weekend so need my SDM fix!!
    Have a great day!!
  2. Hi! Thanks for the math lesson, haha I find it confusing with SDM points value, but you explained it perfectly! Now if I can only find something I need at SDM...the flyer isn't that hot!
    Thanks & have a great day!
  3. Hi Carly! For the value of SDM points, I assume that I will cash in on a bonus redemption day at max level - $200 for 95,000 points. Therefore, if I spend $75 on Monday, Sept. 13 and get 18,500 points the value of those points will be: $200/95,000 * 18,500 or $38.95 worth of points. I hope this helps!
  4. Thanks for the rep! I'm dying to see the new SDM flyer too!
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