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  1. Thank you for the St. Patrick's Day wishes! Happy St. Patrick's day to you as well!
  2. Code alert
  3. Merci flowerangel - got it.
  4. Code alert: Swidget
  5. Thanks so much.
  6. Code alert on Facebook!

    code worth 7 Swag Bucks until 11am PST
  7. I'm so jealous!!! How long have they been gone for? I screwed up ANOTHER one today. I'll probably never get rid of them unless I just stop SBTV for a while
  8. No captchas .. COLD FX scared them off I guess. LOL. They stopped and I'm a wee bit concerned they'll be back. Crossing my fingers.
  9. Do you still have Captchas hun?
  10. Ah that's so sweet of you to say that. It's all good. Important to have lots of people getting referrals, especially people starting out so they keep going on Superpoints. Once you get to redeeming at 500 and have a couple of referrals, I think you keep doing it. Maybe something else will come along in the future - do you belong to ebates yet?
  11. I am in love with SwagBucks and SuperPoints! I'm totally addicted to it! Wish I'd signed up with your SuperPoints link so I could help you out!
  12. Just super glad it's working so well for you. That makes me happy.
  13. Thanks - my searches do too now. Grrrr
  14. Thanks for the info on tasks.
  15. Thanks so much for all the work you do putting together these groups for us. You are an amazing person.
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