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  1. Oh nice! Happy Anniversary to you! Sounds like a fun weekend ahead! Yes, nicer cooler this week but the heat is on for long weekend (38-40 humidex here!) but much cooler on the Bay! Enjoy & ttys
  2. works putting a bit of a damper on the summer thus far but I think it'll get better in the next few weeks or so... I'm not one for hot weather (too NW European I guess lol) so last week was BRUTAL! I don't have air-co in my house so I was melting... I do have painted/finished concrete floors so I was chilling on on those with the fan pointed directly on me LOL... the weather this week is much more to my liking. Heading north this weekend to see the boy ~ 5 year anniversary since we've started dating this weekend so that's exciting. Looks like the weather will be beautiful which is a bonus since we're sure to be outside lots!

    TTYS and have a great week
  3. How did you guess! lol Yes, went boating all weekend!! Its our escape! haha Looking forward to the long weekend too!! hehe Hope your having a fun Summer! Cheers!
  4. my pleasure! you have a great weekend yourself! bet you're going to the boat eh?
  5. Thanks again! & Have a great weekend!
  6. Thanks for the link...I ordered some for the pups to try out!
  7. not sure if you feed your pups this but the link is live again: Cesar Portal
  8. yeah I didn't end up going to SDM... tired and nothing I desperately needed. Glad to hear you got some good points and of course some stuff for your pups. Hope you have a great weekend!
  9. Hi! LOL at Scatterbrained! that me too lately!! Too much going on here...Well, I did another 20x day on April 17...couldn't resist lol , got more Cesars for the pups & a few things we needed...doesn't take much to get to $50 haha....after coupons $47.xx oop! & get the points! I'm almost at max looking forward to do another redemption around Mothers day hopefully!! Will treat mom & me! haha

    Enjoy your day!!
  10. oh and thanks for the "like" (scatterbrained I am right now)
  11. based on time and lack of sleeping I think it's safe to say not on the better train yet... oh well... yeah not sure how tomorrow will go. I have to go to work and I think I'll just see how I feel afterwards and take it from there. If I'm a zombie or whatever then no dice. Is it just me or is it harder to get excited about SDM events lately... like last year it seemed like it was a more "exciting thing" (for like everyone on the forum) and recently it's been more subdued... hmmm... hope you have a terrific tuesday!
  12. Hi! Outta reps for you! Hope your feeling better soon! Not sure I will make it to SDM 20x day tmr as I had a hard time doing it on Saturday (not much we need lol) total was $65 after coupons & tax was $ my points even tho they tried to get me to buy more lol
  13. Hi! Thanks for the Easter greeting! Hope you enjoyed yours too! My aunt is home & comfortable with her family so thats the best for now...Mom helped out for a week & I made a nice Easter dinner yesterday when she got home She loved it!
    Finally got my laptop going as we switched to Bell internet/satellite! so i can be online more, lol
  14. thanks muchly for the rep! Hope you are well... sorry there is sorrow in your life right now, hopefully you and your family can support one another through this difficult time. Best wishes for a happy easter!

  15. Hope you are able to enjoy with all your family and friends!!!! And best wishes for a happy & healthy start to 2012!
  16. He's Dutch? Not all Dutchies are so awful... His behaviour wouldn't be supported by the rest of us I consider myself thoughtfully thrifty. Was your BF the one you had to boot out.... I thought you mentioned other tenants in Windsor? Was BF not wanting to pony up for the rent at your place? :O What a *feminine hygiene containing recepticle* Hopefully he sees the errors of his ways and comes crawling back.. then it's up to you to decide if it's worth it. I am happy to hear that you're not letting things ruin your Christmas... suround yourself with happiness and those who care about you... you 100% deserve at least that much!

    Again let me know if there's anything I can do or anyway I can help
  17. Thanks!! I told you he is a cheap Dutchman!! Won`t spend a dime on anything!! So he`s back at his parents & will miss my awesome cooking!! haha Not going to let it spoil my Christmas thats for sure!
    ttys...way past my bedtime!! lol
  18. reading that makes me wanna smack your BF for being a doh-doh

    I hope you are soon able to put this mess of a situation behind you.

    Focus on the stuff that really matters in life: Friends & family and surround yourself with good energy and positive things. You're too fantastic a person (from what I know about you) to let trivial things get you down.

    If you need anything I'm only a message box away!
  19. you've been on my mind. I hope you are doing okay and treated yourself to something nice in light of all the stress of the last few days... sending *postive vibes* your way
  20. Carly I'm absolutely devastated for you!!!!!!!!!! I hope it gets sorted out soon and you get your points back (I'm sure you will it would be stupid at the very least from a business standpoint for them NOT to give them back). After all your hard work and help to everyone here I am in utter shock and sadness that this could happen to you. If there's anything I can do... please don't hesitate to ask
  21. I'm sooooo upset!!!

    Hope you had better luck!! ttys
  22. thanks! I've got a couple of gifts I want to pick up for the bf's parents and brother, then I dunno. I was going to do the majority of the "bonus" part as food/toys to donate... but I'm kinda procrastinating on finalising a list (which is weird cause I'm crazy OCD)... I'm tempted to get a Wii but I dunno...It's hard to spend the $ even if it's "free".. I keep thinking I've seen Wii's for less $ in the past @ SDM and maybe waiting until a normal bonus redemption in hte new year... maybe they will go down in price (as I've heard there is a new system out). Then I was thinking maybe getting a X box kinect is better? Decisions decisions...I'm horrible at spending $$$ on myself
  23. Oh well, maybe another time they will have it! have a great time doing your Mega bonus too!! Just got my lists done...hope I don't change my mind again, haha
    Enjoy your Mega Bonus!!
  24. yeah I missed it. Was too busy last night and not feeling the greatest...

    Happy SDM Mega eve!!!! Hope you get a good restful sleep this evening. Looking forward to hearing about your haul!
  25. Hi! Sorry, I was out of town today!! It was Sobeys that had the deal!! Hope you got it!! I want to but didn't get there..too busy this week to run around, lol
  26. Carly, I'm having a "trouble scanning flyers/can't find my list" moment here... do you recall the store that was selling the Oliveri Family pack pasta and there was a free garlic bread? I remember you pointing it out as well in the flyer thread for that store, but I can't remember which store and I wanted to pick it up tonight. TIA!!!
  27. thanks for the rep!!! I know! I was all kinds of :O:O:O:O:O that someone whould actually PHYSICALLY MOVE SOMEONE IN A W/C!!!!!!! People like that make me physically sick that they share the same air that I do.
  28. hahaha yeah my grandfather used to sing that to me when i was little and impatient
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